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  1. I wanted to purchase eMax but I wanted to use it as a listing items only. Is there a setting that I can remove the add to chart and prices on each items.


    I don't want to let the customer purchase for example, the theme will be used as an information website that let customers see the list of items e-commerce style but they cannot purchase the items or add it chart. I don't want to disclose any information as well  for the item prices because cust needs to go to the store the for them to know the price.


    Is this possible?




  2. Does Wp Review Pro has an review aggregate for user ratings and the author rating?



    In one review post:


    Author showings his ratings about a specific product.

    The users shares their comments with ratings.


    In Google testing tool,

    Which one will show? 

    The authors reviews or the aggregate reviews of the user comments?



    I want to focus more into the user reviews and not with the author. I want to ask opinions from user thru comments with ratings. And hoping to relatively display the over user comments on Google.


    I am not referring to the "User rating" found on the "Post Review" but the comments itself as a review and getting an aggregate for all user comments(review)  


    Thank you;

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