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[Rank Math SEO Plugin] Fix bugs & Update it ASAP of RANK MATH

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Hello Team,

1. This issue already reported by your any client, i read any where:-  our pages quick edit not working nor showing like any post, pages etc. Please solve this issue as we seen after new version of rank math during 3 to 4 days.

2. Make sure your plugin not conflicting with XML RPC which generally used by wordpress.com & jetpack and their contracted hosts.  VERY important. Because they are investigating already of our issue that nothing is updating and synchronizing with wordpress.com & jetpack over XML-RPC.

3. during editing Rank math SEO on any page:- all time highlights warning:- this is slowing down your page. why? i do't know..

4. Make sure your plugin only for SEO and not conflicting with other functionality like theme, host, security, firewall items. So check your codes once again.... example:- js select 2 issue.

5. Your SEO analysis showing your keywords not in title, while we have have one keyword in title and another 4 not in title. So how it's possible our all keywords in title? requesting to you guys, please check google new guidelines of searching and update it.

6. many functionality of RANK MATH awaited, so when they will come? your advertisement , publicity, contacts, networking is great so you guys showed all functionality in video and ad, but launched only few and also not updating your guide book for support pages, when you will do.

need to simplify codes by which cause reduce conflicting. If your coding in wordpress means code it but use guidelines and version of wordpress by which it can support to all and maximum clients can get benefits. We also used yoast , but we never seen conflicting with website host or theme or any other plugins. Thanks &  hope the same.




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Thank you for contacting MyThemeShop today.

Here are the answers to your questions:
1. & 5. Those two issues are handled internally and you can download the latest ZIP file from here:

We will be updating the plugin soon so everyone sees an update. We are updating other areas of the plugin as well before we release an updated version publicly.

2. We did not hear about this issue from any of our customers. Can you please be detailed as to what's happening and did you try deactivating the Rank Math plugin?

3. Please install the Query Monitor plugin to find out what's the actual cause of the slowness during the editing of the pages.

4. We do not have any known conflicts with the things you mentioned. JS-select-2 is a generic plugin and used by many other plugins like WooCommerce (they created something similar to the Select2 plugin)

6. None of the features which were offered in the Beta phase were removed from the plugin. In fact, they were enhanced before the first public version of the plugin came out. We do not have any plans of adding new features to the plugin but we are working hard to improve the current ones. Here's the final version of the video which shows the features offered in the plugin:


No other SEO plugin in the market offers the same kind of features we have provided and that too for free. I hope you do appreciate that.

Comparing Rank Math and other SEO plugins is not a straightforward task. Rank Math compromises of 10+ different modules, which can easily be classified as different plugins altogether.

Also, Yoast had over 10 years to perfect their product and we have launched publicly just 18 days back. We seek your patience while we make the plugin compatible with all the popular products out there.

Finally, the conflicts or the issues are not because Rank Math's code is not proper, but it is the other way around. TO prove this, simply install Rank Math on a fresh installation with the default WordPress theme and we bet if you would face any incompatibility issues.

The issues start to arise when even one of the installed plugins or the themes have a non-standard WordPress code. That brings the entire website down with it.

We are very happy to see Gutenberg integrated into WordPress 5.0. Now all hobbyist coders which code using non-standard WordPress way, mostly using hacky PHP codes, won't be able to code easily, as new post editor requires good JS skills and those come only by experience and knowledge.

Hope that helps. If you have any further question(s), please let us know.


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✏ Editing theme files? Please create a child theme to make your changes update-proof.

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