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Notification bar -testimonial

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So we were almost finished developing the update to our site, when I had the bright idea of adding a bar on top of the page where I could add commercial information.
Now my programmer went away on Christmas break so I had to do it myself and I thought it would be a piece of cake... I mean how much hassle can adding a notification bar on teh tp of your page be right?....wrong!

First it was a bit of an effort to find a notification bar which actually just worked and was actually updated somewhere in the last decade.
Eventually I stumbled upon the notificationbar of Themeshop and just bought it.

Now there is nothing wrong with the notification bar, it does what it does....but what stands out is the absolute stellar support these people have provided..

They even wrote a custom Java script so that it would work together with the theme we are using..

So I definitely recommend buying from these people... and I would recommend them to put these testimonials  on their website and advertise their support a bit more ... as I have a lot more expensive plugins and tools I use which offer a helluva lot less support.

5 out of 5:  


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Hello Martin,

Thank you for your kind words and for taking the time to write us. We appreciate you being part of our community and are looking forward in helping you again.

Thank you for choosing MyThemeShop.

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Score a 💯on PageSpeed and Dominate Search Rankings.

✏ Editing theme files? Please create a child theme to make your changes update-proof.

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