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[General] question about themes


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I am interested in your themes, but I am looking for a theme where I can 1. add a header image to categories 2. display the average user rating of posts in categories 3. sort categories by highest review or lowest review 4. display a menu bar at the top of the web site. 5. allow only logged in users to submit reviews. 6.   turn off editor ratings and just have users submit ratings. Also, are your themes regularly updated to keep them compatible with the latest version of Wordpress?

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Thank you for contacting MyThemeShop today and sorry for any inconvenience that might have been caused due to that.

1. We don't have a theme that can do that but you would require a custom solution for that. You can submit a customization request here.
2. If you use the plugin WP Review you can set user ratings for posts with any of our themes.
3. We don't have that option.
4. Each theme has a menu at the top.
5. You can use WP Review plugin and only allow users to comment and set the comments to be set to only logged in users.
6. Editors don't have to rate, but you can set the users to rate posts if you use the plugin WP Review.

Yes, all of our themes are regularly updated and they all work with latest WP versions.

Looking forward to help you. Thank you.

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✏ Editing theme files? Please create a child theme to make your changes update-proof.

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