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[WP Review Pro] Does your plugin do what we require?

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Hi, Could you please check the list below and let me know if your WP Review plugin can do what we require please?

Many thanks,  ALan

The reviews are for MEMBER PAGES, for example http://pro-detailers.co.uk/member/uk-detailing/

We need:

1)      The ability to leave a review directly from the page via a button.

2)      On review submission the reviewer should get a thank you email, content to be confirmed.

3)      On submission we need a confirmation message to appear in place of the form letting the user know the review has been received and will be reviewed by an administrator.

4)      Upon submit the page needs to scroll to the point the form is so the user can see the message as per above.

5)      When required fields aren’t filled it needs to be obvious by highlighting them if they are not filled in or correct. All fields are required. Fields are:

a.       Name

b.       Email

c.       Your vehicle

d.       Star rating / x/10, or similar.

e.       Date work was done

6)      The ability to show the review on the members profile page. This should show under the LEAVE A REVIEW button.

7)      The review should be formatted to match the site.

8)      The 3 latest reviews should show, this should be changeable to as many as we require.  There should be a MORE or SEE ALL button under the 3rd review.

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Thank you for contacting MyThemeShop today.

1. The button on that page only reveals a comment box. The plugin works with default comment boxes of posts and pages but it doesn't have the ability to show or hide a comment box as that is part of a theme.

2. This may be possible, using a third party plugin. As reviews made with the plugin are technically comments, a "comment email notification" plugin from the repository should do it.

3. This is not possible by default, however, it should not be too hard to do it by editing the plugin files and we can help with that.

4. That's currently not supported.

5. The required fields would depend on the theme commenting section.

6. You can insert the review to show in any page using a shortcode.

7. You can change the color of the review boxes.

8. That's currently not supported. 

Looking forward to help you. Thank you.

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