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Dear Support,

I have a blog on internet marketing issues and I want to change the theme of my website. I am looking for a more advanced and modern theme and I have already looked through your shop but decided yet to ask you for some specific information or perhaps advice.

I use WordPress 4.7.3. and also I need to update to PHP 7. So I definitely need a theme that will be compatible with these two features. However, I want also to be able to establish the e-shop for my books and place and manage advertisements. Hence, I will be very grateful if you could provide me with the list of your themes that respond to these requirements and possibly to recommend me some.

Finally, I think that I've seen that it is possible to buy some themes at favourable prices (i.e. for 19$) but I'm not sure that I got it right and, if so, could you please tell me under what conditions and how?

Best regards,


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Thank you for contacting MyThemeShop today.

All of our themes will be compatible with WP and PHP versions.
I would recommend themes such as Schema or MyBlog for your site.

For your question about pricing, please contact our sales team here.

Looking forward to help you. Thank you.


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