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[Ad-Sense] I'm confused

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First off, it was a hassle just signing up to the forum to post a topic (your signup links on the forum aren't working, they point to your main site).

Second, I'm just really confused about the billing process when it comes to purchasing a theme. I was looking at the Ad-sense theme and it says its $59. I go the purchase the theme, and it says that this is only for the first year, it will be $19 for every consecutive year. Why in the world is a theme billed annually.

Then I go to read some more on the website. I go to the home page and on there it says "Buy Once, Use for Lifetime". And I'm like, well that makes no sense, because I'll be paying for it every year for a lifetime. So it's more like "buy now, pay forever, use for a lifetime"

Then I go to the pricing page. There it says that a single product is between $27-$47. Then I go to the "sign up today" and scroll through all the products and lo and behold the same adsense theme is on there for $47. I'm like they can't be serious.

Can someone clarify what I'm getting, with the $59 price vs. the $49, and what this annual $19 thing is? Thanks

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Thank you for contacting MyThemeShop today and sorry for any inconvenience that might have been caused due to that.

You should have been able to login to your account using the same credentials which you are using for the main site. Did you try with the login details emailed you by our system?

Sorry for the confusion there.

All our products are available with one year of premium support and updates and is mentioned on the landing pages as well:

However, anything you download can be used for the lifetime on unlimited domains you own.

The product's price on the landing page is for the first year. From the second year, you have to pay only $19 to get support and updates. You can cancel at any time, though.

You are now seeing a discounted price since you have registered on our website. All non-registered users pay the regular price of $69-$59

Hope that helps. If you have any further question(s), please let us know. Thank you.

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