How To Do Seo For My Portfolio Based Site

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Dear Buddies,


I am fresher to the Wordpress blogging,i would like to do knew more about SEO for my portfolio based site(

As a new to the world of blogging i need to knew how to update contents in site in a perfect to make sure that my site to be searched,ranked,listed in top search engines,i have more contents to be uploaded frequently.I would like to knew about how and what are the types of keywords can be used for the portfolio model site as my site to me always on par while searched or surfed in search engines.


I would like to knew some techniques or ideas for doing the content writing for my site.


I would also like to about friendly SEO site and how i use them for my site promotion.i would like to knew how and  what is outbound link and how to use them for me.  


kindly ping ur reply for my discussed query as fast as soon

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Thank you for contacting MyThemeShop today.


Your theme is already SEO optimized, so you don't have to worry about that when publishing.


If you want to have custom post types, meta description and other features please use the plugin called Yoast SEO:


Looking forward to help you. Thank you

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Hi Deepak,

You know for being a part of google top 10 results, you need a rich content, You said that you have prepared a content but firstly check that content is rich enough to solve the query of user.These are some factors to be a part of google top 10 result


1. Updated content

2. Meta description

3. Meta keywords

4. Relevant and authority backlinks

5. Targeter kw density

6. Kw prominence

7. Kw in first 100 words.

8. Image alt tags


After analyzing I have found that your site speed is slow in Pc so in Mobile it will take more time to load.For searching the kw - Use google kw planner, tool.


It will be a good idea to track the competitors how they are doing in this industry.Check this web page url - csir net question papers

My friend has worked on it.


Comment if you need further assistance.

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