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[Sensational] Pre-Sale Questions For Sensational


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I am interested in your Sensational theme but I have some questions which are really important to me:



1. Is it possible to change the size of the featured image. I want them to appear on the post overview full width and the excerpt text below the image.


2. I also want that the featured image appears on the detail post page by default. 


3. I really like the category tabs on the left. Because I have a lot of categories and don't want to show them all is it possible to limit them to e.g. 10 categories? And can I choose which one?


4. Would it be possible instead of the categories on the left show the most popular tags limited to 10 but with the same design as the category tabs.



I don't have any skills in programming and I don't want to pay for customization if necessary.



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1. Sure, yes it is possible to do that. You can open a support forum request and our team will help you with that.


2. Sure, we can help you with that as well. Open a separate forum topic and we will assist you.


3. Yes, we can limit the number of categories that are displaying, open a new forum topic about that issue once your site is online.


4. That is not supported by the theme by default but our team can take a closer look once your site is online.



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