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[Best] The Perfect Theme? 😉

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For a homeowners web-site, I'm looking for the "perfect" theme 😉

These are the main requirements:

1) Responsive

2) Calendar and event posts.

3) Several blogs; some restricted to management postings - some for members. One for none-WP-knowlege manager to post high-attention-posts/popups/splashs; login specific page and make the post to appear on the frontpage.

4) File manager; some files for managers only (up/down load) some for members to sign in for for downloads.

5) News mail for members

6) Adds banners; top bar / side bar.


And them da... easy to work with 😀


Looking forward.


Thanks very much in advance, Lars

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Thank you for joining our community. :)


We don't have a specific theme for home owners.


Some of the features you have listed are not part of any of our themes, however if you are familiar with plugins you might be able to find plugins for those functions. Please note that we do not offer support for third party plugins, therefore if such functions do not work with those plugins we won't be able to assist you.


1. Our themes are indeed responsive. :)


2 .You will need a plugin for this.


2. You will need a plugin for restricted access to certain members.


3. You will need a plugin for this as well.


4. You will need a plugin to send emails to your members, first collect the emails of your members and use a plugin such as WP Subscribe Pro to send them emails.


5. Our themes do have places for ads inside of Theme Options > Ad Management


Thank you :)

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