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[SociallyViral] Main Page And Category Page Change

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I assume you want to make the category page with a sidebar. For that you can checkout this thread once you purchase the theme: http://community.mythemeshop.com/topic/16721-socially-viral-theme-archive-sidebar/?hl=%2Bsociallyviral+%2Bget_sidebar#entry69840


As for the homepage with a sidebar, it already has a widget area but cannot accept a lot of widgets as it breaks the layout.

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I would like purchase Socially Viral but need to know if you have some homepage layout options available in that.


actually i want all the post images to appear in same sizes otherwise they clash & there is 1 post space left blank on the website.

Please suggest if its already available then provide link for a demo view.



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There is no alternative homepage layout in SociallyViral. It is possible however to disable the widget area on the right side of the first row. All the featured images on the homepage should be the same size, if they aren't, please try using the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin. I'm not sure what you mean when you say there is 1 post space left blank on the website, could you tell some details about that?


In the future, please create a new topic for any question, as the original creator of this topic might receive unwanted email notifications about the new posts in this thread. This applies to any subsequent messages related to your last question as well: please create a new topic in the forum. Thanks.

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