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You can trust MyThemeShop with both eyes shut!

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I've been a donkey years old customer of MyThemeShop actually. I started using RankMath years ago, and it's a proven plugin on its own. 

But today, I'm not here for that. I'm here for WP Review plugin, my latest addition to my plugin arsenal.

If you're reading this, have a reviews website and need review scoring board, do NOT use a theme that comes with the feature because you never know when will the developers drop support for that theme and by the time you realize it, you have done thousands of reviews. 

This was my experience and I had been searching for a way to get things migrated from my old theme's review data to a plugin. This is how I found WP Review (and several others actually). I would name them here, but let's keep things professional because a quick Google will show you the available options too.

See, I have been dealing with Wordpress for years, since its alpha actually. And over the years, I put themes/plugin support on a very high priority. If I have an option of a spanking awesome plugin but slow support, vs an average plugin with great support, I would choose the latter. It shows the commitment form the developers and builds confidence. Product can get improved over time.

So my hunt began and I filed basic pre-sales questions to all plugins that were in the market. I also took the initiative to read existing reviews on the plugins and most of them had complaints about support. Bear in mind, there are plugins that look better and have more functionalities than WP Review in the market! But the support itself took almost a week to reply to my pre-sale question, with plenty of complaints on how devs were not responding to the ticket. 

Ignoring your customers is the worst thing that you can do and I despise that to the core! I pay for my plugins, renew their subscriptions, and I expect an answer, even if the answer is not in my favor. At least, an answer is a must! If I see a community thread that doesn't end with the developers as the "last replied by", I will lose half my interest there itself. The devs can even take the initiative to end it with "Thank you, ticket closed" and become the last person to reply. It's a simple thing, but as a buyer, it leaves psychological impact in my decision making process.

Now, my site was falling apart because the theme was no longer supported on PHP 8.1 and it was a matter of time I would have to revamp the site. The latest Chrome update had already started breaking the backend and I was forced to migrate. The problem is, I'm already migrating a whole load of things to a totally new theme, and time was critical to me. 

So I fired up a ticket, and seeked help from MyThemeShop for helping me out. I provided some quick identifiers and gave them access to the dev site. I do understand that what I'm asking is out of scope and it's okay for them to downright reject my ticket. But I was desperate, chasing time before the site collapses further. I pushed my luck and asked if I could even just get a little headstart with the reviews migration, I would be in debt already. 

To my surprise, it didn't even take much back and forth and the devs of MyThemeShop gave me hints and a script that put me way ahead of time in migration. In fact, it was already 99% done with a tester for post by id. I tested a few posts, and it worked flawlessly. So I enhanced it further by writing a loop to process the entire batch of articles. It all worked flawlessly!

This is probably the best gift I could have gotten from MyThemeShop. In my commitment as a thank you message, I am now a PRO subscriber forever! I doubt I would ever need the support again, and that will not stop me from still keeping the PRO version. This is how we, the buyers can appreciate great support by thanking them back. Thank you specially to Mili and the dev that assisted. 🫶

Oh, needless to say, I already am on RankMath Business plan for years now and I never needed the support either. So, this is not just a reward, this is a commitment. Great support always wins!


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Thank you for taking the time to write us such an extensive testimonial, we are really happy to know that you are satisfied with our services. I hope that we can assist you in the future and further help your ventures grow.

Thank you for being part of our community !!


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