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[Memberships] Confused by pricing again

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I had problems with your pricing model before, because it changed within my membership I believe, but still having problems in to see what the advantage is with an extended membersship.

I see things live lifetime but also yearly on the same page.

Lets say I want to build 3 websites on 3 domains, using a total of 2 diferrent themes. I think my cheapest option is just buy 3 themes and be done with it. Support will mostly be needed only at the start of building the website, after that there might be a update to the time to still work with wordpress or security, but that is included right?

Or do ALL themes require a yearly fee. Then the 'extende option' might be interesting, but if you want the same theme on difffrent domains, you still need to by some extra....So all in all the 'buy a seperate theme every time, perhaps with a multiple sites license' seems like the best option right?


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Thank you for contacting MyThemeShop and sorry for the confusion.

When you purchase a theme/plugin, it comes with a one year of support and updates.

Once a year is over and you don't renew your subscription, then you can not get support and updates and the access of the product will be removed from your account.

But the file you have downloaded before your subscription expired or the product you have used on your site will still work.

Thank you.

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