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[Splash] Magxxp Logo Size, Banner Option


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I'm considering purchasing the MagXP theme. My concern is that our logo will be too large for the logo area in the theme. What I would like to do, is add a banner above the menu with our logo while using the logo area for additional menu options. If that's a doable solution, I'm sold. 


(MagXP wasn't available in the product options, but it wouldn't let me post without selecting a product. I selected Splash at random. Hope that doesn't confuse anyone.)

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Yes, it's possible, you just have to select a wide enough logo image, possibly 960px wide to cover the header part, then the menu will jump onto the next line, below the logo. Please feel free to open a topic about any issue you might have, we'll happily assist you.


And thanks for the notification about missing MagXP option, we'll get that fixed.

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