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  1. I want to show the Summary first as overview.

    Then i will write text about each feature (that is shown in summary)
    there i would like to put the rating for that ONE FEATURE, not the total Rating

    Take this as example:

    At the title you see the total rating, below the summry.

    i want to show the rating for "Comissions & fees" next tot the Title "Comissions & fees"

  2. Im really eager to start with your Plugin,
    but i could not find a specific detail regarding the Woocommerce Connection and the Comparison Tables.

    Question: Will it be possible to create that "comparison tables for products" out of the Woocommerce Reviews (created with this plugin)

    Background: The Idea behind is, i would need Woocemmerce with the Catalog Visibility Option:
    Specific Products should not be shown by GEO-Location.

    Still i would like to have the comparison Table (Geo Filter not nessesary here)


    Thank you

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