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  1. Monthly Membership Payment Concern

    To whom it may concern, I just purchased your premium membership for 87.00 / 19.00 monthly. However the invoice I received in my email shows a renewal date of 9/18/17 for either the price of 349.00 or 87.00 (I can't tell). Description Price Renewal Total Extended Membership Plan 349.00 09/18/17 87.00 I then went to the website -- then my dashboard and under Active Subscriptions it also indicates that my membership expires 09/18/17 but does not show that I will be paying $19.00. Active Subscriptions Access to all Free Themes & Plugins - Lifetime Extended Membership Plan - expires 09/18/17 I just wanted to confirm that I will only be charged the advertised $19.00/monthly not the $349.00 or $87.00 showing on my invoice. Thank you for your time in advance. Hayward Rodgers | Invoice No: M2MDD | Invoice Date 08/18/17 | Invoice Total 87.00