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  1. Flip Websites using Your Theme

    To whom it may concern, do you allow your members to install your themes and plugins in websites being flipped on sites like flippa.com? Thank you! Hayward
  2. Monthly Membership Payment Concern

    To whom it may concern, I just purchased your premium membership for 87.00 / 19.00 monthly. However the invoice I received in my email shows a renewal date of 9/18/17 for either the price of 349.00 or 87.00 (I can't tell). Description Price Renewal Total Extended Membership Plan 349.00 09/18/17 87.00 I then went to the website -- then my dashboard and under Active Subscriptions it also indicates that my membership expires 09/18/17 but does not show that I will be paying $19.00. Active Subscriptions Access to all Free Themes & Plugins - Lifetime Extended Membership Plan - expires 09/18/17 I just wanted to confirm that I will only be charged the advertised $19.00/monthly not the $349.00 or $87.00 showing on my invoice. Thank you for your time in advance. Hayward Rodgers | Invoice No: M2MDD | Invoice Date 08/18/17 | Invoice Total 87.00