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  1. Thanks for your patience, appreciated.

    (As a bit of background I've four websites and I'm currently testing Rankmath on one of them (The rest use Yoast), my initial impression is there is a lot to like about Rankmath, but I have to understand how it work, and see it has any impact on my rankings before committing to it  for all four sites), so I need answers to what may seem trivial questions!

    Question 1

    I'm assuming the basic idea is that if we have a category, it's useful to ensure that all within that category link back to the 'pillar post'? Which makes sense, is this the basis behind this?

    Question 2

    For this to work inRankmath, do I have to assign a page/post to a category? If so how do I do it?

    Question 3

    This site is set up with pages rather than posts. Is this OK or does it cause a problem,

    Thanking you in anticipation





  2. Thanks,

    However I need a bit more of an explanation to understand what you're saying,

    How's does the plugin choose what is related content and what isn't?

    Do you have an article on 'pillar / cornerstone content' and what specifically do I need to mark as Pillar content?  I assumed (may be wrongly) that I only mark the most important page of a content series as Pillar content.

    ie I have say 10 pages related to the term 'NLP coaching' I've assumed I only need to mark the most important page as Pillar content,

    (I'm not aware of any plugins that offer this - although I'm going to check again with Yoast, in case I've missed it),







  3. I'm using the Schema Theme on 2 sites, and a it's a great theme. However I'm particularly pleased with the support which has always been fast and answered my queries in a way that's solved any problem I've had.

    I'm happy to recommend them (and the theme),




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