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  1. I'm looking for theme that would be able to do coupons, business listings and classified ads.

    Classipress offers a theme that is close,but still not what I want. 

    It doesnt look like mythemeshop has a directory or classified theme?  So, possibly the coupon theme would work for me.


    1. from the coupon demo homepage.  What controls the large pictures?  Is that the carousel function? 

    2. at the top of homepage.  what controls the "todays offers and coupons"?

    3. at the bottom of homepage.  what controls "popular stores"

    4. when the coupons are displayed, the show "get this offer" or "show coupon code".  can this text be changed?





  2. Hello,


    I have been looking at several directory/coupon sites for my city.  Small town with maybe 12,000 population and a few hundred small town businesses.  Population triples in summer as it is a vacation spot.


    My question is would the coupon theme be something to consider?  I use tru pixel on another site but i want to offer coupons and promotions for this site especially because of the summer tourist season that lasts about 4 months.




    1. Could this theme allow me to make one page business pages also?  I would like to get with local businesses and offer them a simple webpage for their business.  Looks like i could do that by just adding a simple wordpress page.


    2.  Recent posts on homepage?  Any way to get recent posts to appear on the homepage?  I would like to write weekly articles highlighting offers and businesses and would like to feature them on the home page.


    thank you


  3. Hello


    I currently use the trupixel theme, along with a mailchimip and get response opt in forms. 


    I want to try something new to gain more members and want to have a monthly prize/giveway/promo.  Just for new subscribers, not existing ones.


    I think subscribe pro plugin may be what i am looking for.  Basically, I want to be able to do the following.


    • I will have an opt in form for new subscribers
    • new subscribers will be chosen once a month for the promo.  for example, i would have a november promotion, a december promotion etc...
    • i also want to be able to email these new subscribers about other monthly promos and website special offers


    Is this the way to go?  I think I could also accomplish this with current mailchimp resources, but was intrigued by your plugin





  4. One more question for you!  My current design of my site, has about 300 posts with maybe 50 of those posts featuring videos.  What I have discovered through google analytics, is that any post with a video in it, has the higher visitor time spent on that page. for example average time spent on non-video posts is around 1 minute, but posts with video average more than 2 mins. naturally, people are watching the video adding to the time spent on the page.


    these are also high performing pages for google adsense. :)


    so, between true pixel or socially viral theme.  I want to concentrate more on videos in these new posts.  I just need some opinions on which theme would give me the better results as far as monetizing the site? some of my most viewed posts do not include any video...people read the post because of the information and i dont think adding a video would help.. however, some of my posts with video, are paying me good money with adsense and amazon. 


    Any suggestions?

  5. hello

    have viewed the demo, but not sure about ad placement in a post.  i currently use a theme that automatically inserts a 300x250 ad in the post-either on left or right of the begining of the post.  using socrates theme. 


    i see true pixel has the 728x90 at top of theme and looks like you can put a 468x60 banner at bottom of post. my 300x250 is my top performing ad and in that location in the post. 


    is the only way to insert a similiar post with true pixel is to use a plugin...like wordpress easy plugin for adsense?  or is the 300x250 ad not a high performing ad for this theme? 

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