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  1. Hi,

    Thanks for the quick reply. The first screenshot does indeed show the latest posts section with landscape oblong images which is great. However I notice it has cropped in severely when you compare to the original image that appears in the single post. To me the theme in its default state makes no sense. For most users who will probably use landscape format images in post articles the default appearance of the theme would ruin the look. The situation is even worse in mobile view! Further down the default page the images are displayed in landscape format as I would expect. If I can be sure that the custom code will result in a landscape image that uses the whole image I'll happily buy the theme but your screenshot does not do this.

    I'm glad other social networks can be added to that section. I'm also pleased that the count seems to be added manually. I'm tired of themes relying on API's that break and show zero counts.

    The fact I can use the Instagram widget in any version of the theme is also great news. 

    If I can just get clarity on the first issue I'll be delighted to purchase the theme.



  2. Hi,

    I'm thinking of purchasing the new Lifestyle theme but I have a couple of questions before I do. 

    Firstly I prefer the default look to the travel example because I don't like the way the post title overlaps the image, especially when I see how it displays on mobile. However the default theme has one issue, namely at the top the images look square whereas I would be uploading featured images for posts that would be oblong, for example 2048 pixels wide by 1365 pixels tall. I notice the rest of the default theme uses oblong images. Is there a way to make this latest posts section use oblong images?

    I also notice that the social icons section states it can display Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Are these the only 3 social networks that can be displayed in this way? I also notice the Instagram feed showing on the Food example of the theme, is this a section that can be used on the other examples like default?

    If you could answer these questions or better yet forward me the theme documentation so I can see exactly what the options on this theme are I would appreciate it. 



  3. Hi,


    I've purchased a couple of themes from you before. Looking to build a photography website for myself and noticed you recently released myPortfolio. The demo seems to show that images are displayed in a square format. Naturally most cameras shoot in an oblong format, either in landscape or portrait format. I've seen a number of photography themes that seem to assume you will only have square images or landscape images. Most photographers I know would want to display a mixture of both landscape and portrait style images. Themes that seem to do this well often use Masonry grids. I cannot tell from the demo if there would be an option to display images in a different way that would allow use of both portrait and landscape images without clipping that displays attractively. 


    Could you please comment?




  4. Hi,


    I've now purchased two themes from MyThemeShop, namely Schema and Point Pro. In both cases they are generally easy to understand and well documented. However there are times when you are trying to achieve something that is not always obvious. In such cases I've always found the support offered has both been prompt and more importantly provided the answer needed. 


    I have many years of experience with Wordpress themes, including those by the likes of Genesis and Elegant Themes. I'm pleased to say that the two themes I have from MyThemeShop have been a pleasure to work with. Getting the finished website is generally less stressful with these themes compared to some of the competition. 


    Happy customer


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