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  1. First, I want to know that can I visible category menu tab on all the pages? see these images for understanding.






    Second, I have schema theme already so can I use it as an online shop or woocart has more option?


    Further, I want to see backend admin panel of woocart, any demo available.


    And I'm trying to use $9 coupon but its not working. please help.


    Thank you!

  2. Your video just supported youtube? OR we can import videos from dailymotion, vimeo also...


    How many videos import in one time, can you please share here the screenshot/demo of video import panel...


    Further, let me know that search engine will show the thumbnail in search query.

  3. Finally I decided to buy Schema but I want to know that following changes has possible in Schema.


    • Can unstuck the top bar is possible?
    • It is possible that top bar size is reduce while scrolling down as same as splash?
    • can change the featured image size similar to splash?
    • Increase the sidebar width? want to reduce space between sidebar & content area.
    • And I want to use it for blogging so if ecommerce coding remove from the theme so its response should be better?
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