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  1. Hello, Thank you for sharing your testimonial. We are happy to assist you again.
  2. Hello, 1. Unfortunately that would require extensive changes. I recommend disabling the default author box and use a plugin. There are several author plugins that will do just that for you. 2. If you click on the author's name it will take you to other posts from the author. We can indeed help you remove the email the author text. To do that go to Styling Options > Custom CSS and add this: .mail { display: none; } 3. We haven't tested any plugins but there are several ones. I recommend trying more than one.
  3. Hello, 1. Yes, you will be able to have more posts in that format and therefore have that type of layout for all posts. 2. To do that go to Styling Options > Custom CSS and add this: .related-posts article header { float: left; } .related-posts .latestPost { width: 33%; margin-right: 2%; padding-right: 0; } .related-posts .latestPost #featured-thumbnail { margin-right: 0; } .related-posts article header .post-info { padding-left: 10px; } .related-posts .title { padding: 0px 10px; } 3. You can try using this CSS: body { background-image: url(http://dem
  4. Hello, 1. Your screenshot link doesn't work. Try posting it again. 2. I'm not sure what you mean by "horizontal". Do you mean to have the image beside the title rather than above the title? 3. Sure, you can have that background. If you provide us the background image URL, we can give you CSS on how to give that background to your site
  5. Hello, Our Schema theme is known to be fast but so are our other themes as well. I would recommend schema considering that you need Blog and Contact Form only.
  6. Hello Sofia, You can indeed create the same identical header at the top, with the logo on the left, and some items on the right side. You will be able to open the file header.php and place your custom code in there. With our guidance that should be easy once you purchase the theme. However for the arrow that says "WHITE LABEL". If you are trying to re-create the same box like that on the homepage, that is not supported by the theme. You would required a very custom solution. For your header question, we will assist you regarding that in the forum once you have the theme on your s
  7. Hello, I'm sorry, we haven't received your attached image. Try posting it again, please.
  8. Hello, It is possible that the Point free version is showing SSL warnings for fonts. But that can be fixed. I think if you search in the forum you will see some solution for it from previous users that we helped. The theme NewsPaper is a newer theme so that issue with SSL and fonts shouldn't be present. But if it does, simply open a new forum topic about the issue and we will help you solve it.
  9. Hello @ hiyaitskendra, We contacted PayPal and they were having their server upgrade while you tried to make the purchase. Though, the issue should be resolved now and you should be able to download the product purchased from your member’s area. If you are still facing the issue, can you please contact us using the form from this page and mention your thread’s link? https://mythemeshop.com/contact-us/ I appreciate your patience while this was getting resolved. Have a Good day ahead.
  10. Hello, Unfortunately that is not possible as it is a limitation of WordPress and not the theme. WordPress has no sticky posts based on the category/archive. You can however modify the publishing date of a post so that the first post is showing the one that is recently published.
  11. Hello, 1. If your are trying to have this layout on your homepage : http://demo.mythemeshop.com/split/category/apple/ That is an archive page. The only difference between that page and the homepage here : http://demo.mythemeshop.com/splitis the slider. You can simply choose not to display your slider on the homepage and you will have a similar layout. 2. The post pages don't support a left sidebar. However if you open a forum topic about that issue once your theme is installed, our team can try to introduce that into your site.
  12. Thank you for your kind words and for being a loyal member. We look forward in assisting you again.
  13. Hello, I'm sorry the WP subscribe Pro only works with the listed mail providers and not with third party newsletter plugins.
  14. Hello, That functionality is not supported by the theme but we can help you include that once you have the theme running on your site. Open a support forum topic and our team will try to assist you with that functionality.
  15. Hello Juan, That's a hard question to answer. Choosing a theme will depend on what the type of elements you wish to see on the homepage. Try browsing our themes here ; http://mythemeshop.com/themesand try to see which theme would have similar elements to the ones that you need for your site.
  16. Hello, 1 ) Yes, it is possible to have a featured image into the post. Once you purchase the theme, open a forum topic and our moderators will assist you in having that as part of your theme. 2) I'm not sure what you mean. The link you provided does't lead to any layouts. Can you take a screenshot and show us? 3 ) The number of views will not work with caching plugins. To have your widget display like the popular posts of SociallyViral you will be able to use the Popular Posts widget and set the thumbnails to be larger. We can also assist you with that issue once you purchas
  17. Hello, Thank you for your kind words. You shouldn't feel embarrassed to ask questions in the future. We are here to help and are happy to see when users ask questions. We all get a very satisfactory feeling when we manage to help someone so keep those questions coming because we love it. Thank you for using MyThemeShop.
  18. Hello, 1. No, the WP Review Pro is not included in the Money Flow. However the WP Review plugin is included. 2. The theme doesn't support having custom text inserted into the homepage. However if you open a new forum topic and let us know what you are trying to do we can try to assist you. 3. To request a manual/documentation before buying please contact us here : http://mythemeshop.com/contact-usand our team will get in touch with you.
  19. Hello, To have a custom SEO title for a particular post, you can simply edit the post title. Or if you need more detailed modifications the only way is to use a plugin such as Yoast SEO. I would recommend using Yoast SEO, and the reason for that is because Yoast stays updated as soon as Google has new modifications/algorithms so your SEO changes will work efficiently. It's even better than having such functions into a theme.
  20. Hello, The Schema theme can be adjusted using Custom CSS to have it's content full width. However certain things may break such as the slider as the slider needs to be a fixed width.
  21. Hello, No, the theme doesn't have a custom build SEO option. It is not required as our themes are already SEO optimized. However to further customize your titles for SEO you can use a plugin such as Yoast SEO.
  22. Hello, I'm not able to see the attached image. Can you elaborate on what you mean?
  23. Hello, Please contact us here for issue regarding accounts and purchases, our team will assist you through email to ensure that your private information is safe.
  24. Thank you for your kind words. We look forward in helping you again. Thank you for using MyThemeShop.
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