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  1. Hello MTS team,

    I am using Schema theme. I also like Pinstagram theme. But before buying Pinstagram, I need to clarify a thing.

    In my current site, I am using schema theme. I have used shortcodes like [alert-success] [alert-note] [alert-announce BUTTONS]. In schema, these shortcodes creates simple coloured boxes, while in Pinstagram, it creates coloured boxes with various icons. I do not need such icons. I need it same as schema theme.


    Schema Shortcodes screenshot: http://ovo.li/cHrbWa

    Pinstagram Shortcodes Screenshot: http://ovo.li/VVynrV

    Is there any way, that I get the same shortcodes as schema in Pinstagram theme?

    Thank you in advance.

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