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  4. Hello, We support only Paypal and Stripe payment gateway at the moment. So, if your cart is accepted by those platforms, then you can complete the purchase without any issues. Hope that helps. Thank you.
  5. Can I pay with "Prepaid Card" Visa? If I can, please tell me payment goes through the provider EU or US?
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  7. Hello, Feel free to let us know if you need anything else. Thank you.
  8. Great- thanks so much for the quick answer. I am looking forward to purchasing it soon.
  9. Hello, Thank you for contacting MyThemeShop today. 1. Yes, your users can leave reviews and not just the admins. 2. Yes it should be possible, see example here: https://demo.mythemeshop.com/wp-review-pro/point-review-facebook-template/ If it doesn't satisfy your needs, you can always request a refund. We issue refunds within 30 days no questions asked. Looking forward to helping you. Thank you.
  10. Hello, I am very interested in purchasing WP Review Pro, but there are two functions I am trying to confirm before purchasing. 1) Will this plugin allow User Ratings without my/the author's rating? 2) Will the plugin allow users to rate individual features and show the average score by feature of all user ratings (For example: Feature 1's average User rating score is: 3.5, Feature 2's average User rating score is 4.75, etc)? In essence, I'd like to make a site that allows public average ratings for movies, like a poll of the public's average vote, similar to how RottenTomatoes works by showing an average of all public-votes for particular movies. I read on a description of WP Review, "You can even include user reviews and ratings in the total review score of the product." Which leads me to think that the answer to my two questions is possible, but I wanted to clarify. I appreciate any insight- your theme and plugins look amazing! Thanks!
  11. Hello, Thank you for leaving us a testimonial, we really appreciate that. We hope to see you again in our forums as we look forward in helping you.
  12. My Theme Shop team members have solved "easy" problems (that I probably should have been able to figure out myself but couldn't), patiently answered questions about the Schema theme, and even directed me to serious resources that got me started on solving the problem myself! And always with just a 24 hr. turnaround! Just knowing you are there gives me comfort and the confidence to keep moving ahead with my sites! Virginia Nicols
  13. Hello, Thank you for contacting MyThemeShop and sorry for the issue you are facing. Can you please update the PHP version to v8.0 or above and check if that fixes the issue for you? Looking forward to helping you. Thank you.
  14. Is there any other way besides Visa/Mastercard/Paypal? in our country they are blocked
  15. I'm testing the plugin but it's not working with WordPress 6.0.2 and PHP 7.4 We can install it but when trying to create a quiz the page has no possibility to add any text or images.
  16. Hello, Thank you for taking the time to write us a testimonial, our team really appreciates that. We look forward in helping you again. 
  17. Hello, Thank you for contacting MyThemeShop. You need to make sure your card supports international transaction so that you can complete the purchase without any issues. Hope that helps. Thank you.
  18. Hello How can I pay for subscription renewal? I want to add a new payment method (new card) but I get a notification "The card was declined" Thanks
  19. Thanks to mythemeshop for helping me troubleshoot and guiding me to use the Ad-Sense theme well
  20. Hello, Thank you for taking the time to write us a testimonial, our team really appreciates that. We look forward in helping you again. 
  21. The support team is a G. They are very proactive understands my need and helped me solve it. Big thanks
  22. Hello, I can not open the above screenshot. Also, you need to open the incognito window, log into your account from there and try again. You can see the option without any issues. Thank you.
  23. Hello I can't see the credit card payment from my end Check it here: https://ibb.co/wBFJNWQ
  24. Hello, You can use the option we have pointed here: This screenshot is taken from your account and this option is showing there. Thank you.
  25. Hello, there is no stripe payment gateway showing. Only Paypal is showing so check my account
  26. Hello, You can use the Stripe payment gateway to complete your purchase using your Credit/Debit cards. Regarding the update, it is already ready and will be released within a couple of weeks. Thank you.
  27. Hi, so where can I use a credit card because I can only see PayPal which is not supported in my country. I also saw that the last update was 2020 which seems you don't support the Theme. Should I expect any update soon?
  28. Hi,

    I purchased the schema theme last night and it was never sent to my email.  


    Invoice ID: 789424

  29. Hello, We are really sorry but our theme does not have that function. We apologize for the inconvenience.
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